Crate: tvheadproxy

Recently I published my first rust crate, tvheadproxy.

I’ve used both tvheadend and plex for a long time (I bought a plex lifetime subscription back before the price got hiked). Part of the reason why I still used tvheadend instead of switching to Plex is because of limited selection of hardware support, unlike tvheadend which supports almost everything.

Then I came across this project tvhProxy, and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it working and being not so familiar with python I just decided to port it to Rust instead. This does have the advantage of using considerably less resources than other implementions, and the docker image for it is only about 10MB in size.

The way it works is it emulates the HDHomeRun API (which is an offically supported device for Plex DVR), and proxies calls to tvheadend. This way you get the best of both worlds, tvheadend superior driver support, mixed with Plex DVRs improved UX and device support.

While I haven’t tried compiling on any system other than linux but I have no reason to suspect it wouldn’t work on Windows, Mac or even on an ARM device.

I have been running this for about a month without issue so feel free to create a issue on the github page if you encounter any.